Arc Flash Protection w/ Your Power In


Mersen has created and designed a fuse system to mitigate the Arc-Flash hazard on the low-voltage side of a medium voltage transformer. It’s the industry’s first fuse to provide normal short-circuit and overload protection while having the capability to open on command, this fuse is a cost effective arc flash solution with minimal installation downtime.

A Circuit Tester for Twist-Lock

  • For Testing the Wiring Condition of Receptacles and Connectors.
  • Quickly diagnose mis-wiring situation or application.
  • Great for dark, difficult to reach spaces.
  • No measurement readings to interpret.
Industrial LED Lighting by Leviton

4 Industrial LED Fixtures for different solutions. Check them out and see how they can work for your customers. Industrial LED lighting combines the efficiency and environmental benefits of LED technology with robust construction needed for industrial environments.

A Lock Out Tag Out Solution

It’s a Rockwell Autoamtion company called ESC Services.

They deliver audits, consolutatons, procedure cards, apps, products and more.

They have worked with distributors in the past and go through distributors.  They may be able to help create a solution for certain PCs.

Talk to us at CED Lincoln for an audit.

Check them out here:

and watch the video below:

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