We Know * We Care

Hopefully you have noticed CED-Lincoln’s Motto:  We Know * We Care.

It is our ultimate goal to make sure We Know more about your wants & needs, and show that We Care about delivering products & solutions that are in your best interest.

We are not out for 1 time sales & service.  We want customers that we can partner with to help grow their business.

If at any time you ever feel We DON’T Know enough about a specific need or application, or it seems that We DON”T Care about your long term success I want to know immediately!

Thank you for your business!

Wes Lehman, CED-Lincoln Manager

402-326-9582 – CELL

CED-Lincoln Training Resume

Here is a list of classes we have held and can hold again for you that aren’t the Standard Rockwell Automation Classes.  Let us know if you would like a repeat of one of these for your company!

CED-Reduce Your Watts

Your home for CED’s Energy Reduction Solutions.